• Add a bedroom in a studio apartment

  • Create privacy in a dorm room

  • Make a private nook or alcove

  • Create a play or reading area

  • Block a desk from view

  • Allow two children to share a room

  • Give privacy to a couple with a child

  • Finish basement walls

  • Test location of hard constructed walls before actually having to build them.


  • Delivered in a small package to your door

  • Quick DIY setup without tools

  • No tools, no hardware, no mess.

  • No damage to floors, walls, or ceilings

  • No construction crews in your home

  • Modular, extendable, and adjustable

  • Move easily during or after setup

  • Reduce in size and stow away

  • Machine washable

  • Get many of the benefits of hard walls built of studs and drywall inexpensively and quickly

Short Term Use or Buy to Keep.

You Choose.

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