Create Full Height, Wall to Wall, Privacy in Minutes

Nookwall Room Divider


From Floor to Ceiling

Nookwall is full height, shapeable, and custom made to fit your room's height and width.


Configure As You Wish

Add poles to the field of the panel to make cornered and angled sections to enclose a space in any way you wish.


Made For You

We make your Nookwall for any height, length, and layout you need.


No Tools, No Hardware, No Mess

Compression poles hold your Nookwall securely in place. When you move it or take it down, you will never know it was there.


Add, Remove, or Adjust

The layouts you can create with Nookwall are limitless.


Nookwall was created to have a room divider & partition wall that would provide many of the benefits of a traditional hard constructed wall of wood studs and drywall, yet it can be setup completely DIY by anyone.


Nookwall is custom made to fit your room's height and width.


Your Nookwall can be any height you want, even floor to ceiling. The length can be whatever you want, even wall to wall.


Enclose a space in any way you wish.

Nookwall is setup quickly without tools or hardware and there will be no damage or marks left on your floors, walls, or ceilings.


Nookwall is held in place at the floor and ceiling by strong, lightweight metal compression poles.


Nookwall is sectional allowing you to add, remove, or adjust wall sections to get the layout you want. We will work with you to custom build your system into any configuration you need.


You can move and adjust the room divider before, during, or after setup. When finished, the system reduces in size for easy storage.


Plus, the fabric panels are machine washable for easy cleaning.​

Get many of the benefits of typically constructed hard walls inexpensively and quickly.

Nookwall is a great option for anyone seeking 

Temporary Walls, Portable Partitions, Room Dividers, or Shoji Screens.

Nookwall can also be used as an indoor projector screen.

Add a room in a studio apartment, create privacy in a dorm room, make a private nook or alcove, create a play area or reading area, make privacy for a home office, block a desk from view, allow two children to share a room, give privacy to a couple with a child, or test location of hard constructed walls before having to build them.

Nookwall is proudly made in the USA.


Process of Designing & Making Your Nookwall

Nookwall Drawing of Layout for Customer

Contact us by phone, email, or contact form.

We will discuss your desired layout, existing space, size, color, etc.

We will produce a drawing of your Nookwall in your space for you to review and provide you with a price for your special system. Standard sizes and prices are shown on the Sizes & Prices page.

When your design is finished and you are ready to proceed, we will make your Nookwall especially for you. 

Systems with white fabric are ready to ship in about 1 to 2 weeks. Systems with other colors are ready to ship in about 2 to 3 weeks.


Hear What our Customers are Saying about Nookwall

Link to Google Reviews

I bought Nookwalls to separate my children's bedroom for privacy and it worked like a charm! No marks or any sort of damage when I want or need to take the wall down, which is important since I'm a renter. Not expensive at all and incredibly easy to put up. I highly recommend Nookwalls if you're looking for a creative, easy way to divide a room with no marks, damage or hassles.

Alex B


Love love love it! Super easy to put together. The material is stretchy and strong. I’m impressed with how well it holds together. (Zero nails and zero wall damaged). This wall was specially customized for me and it took less than 3 weeks before it was delivered to me. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and it looks amazing with my apartment aesthetic. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

Sania H


After years of living in NYC apartments struggling to make the traditional room divider and it’s archaic design (or lack of) work to divide a space, I finally came across this most ingenious simple amazing nook wall- from set- up on it has been the answer to needing to divide a room or add a private area that not only looks great, but is sturdy, has impeccable design, and it’s functionality is perfect. Customer service provided has been so helpful with any questions I had - I only wish I found nook walls earlier- a truly excellent product.

Jody G

New Jersey

Purchased last December and they are still in perfect condition! Going to purchase another set to complete another part of my home. Very sturdy and easy to put up. The tension rods just need to be adjusted and you wrap the fabric around each pole and fasten against the velcro patches. Once in place they don’t move and they don’t leave any markings if you ever need to move them. Highly recommended these room dividers, they cover from floor to ceiling!

Jasmin M

New York

We recently purchased a Nookwalls system to divide an awkward living space into two separate sections. It was a pleasure doing business with Nookwalls and Larry even helped design a wall pattern that went beyond the standard dimensions listed on the website. The ordering and shipping time period went quickly for a product that is essentially custom made per order, and the installation was quite intuitive and efficient. I'd highly recommend the Nookwalls system to anyone interested in a temporary or semi-permanent barrier.

Travis C


Larry was so helpful and walked me through the whole process of measuring and set up. Living in Hawaii, space is limited so these “walls” really help with dividing up privacy spaces. Highly recommend!

Joan C