nookwalls temporary wall system.jpg
nookwalls temporary wall system
nookwalls temporary wall system


From Floor to Ceiling

Nookwalls are full height, like real walls, and are custom made to fit your room's height and width.


Add, Remove, or Adjust

The layouts you can create with Nookwalls are limitless. Move it anywhere you want in your room.


Made For You

Contact us and we will make your Nookwall for any layout you need.

Nookwalls Room Divider System


Nookwalls Room Divider System




No Tools, No Hardware, No Mess

Compression poles hold your Nookwall securely in place. When you move it or take it down, you will never know it was there.


Move & Adjust As You Wish

Create layouts of all shapes and sizes. Nookwall is so lightweight you can move it anywhere.


DIY Setup in Minutes

No Tools. No Mess. No Noise.

No construction crews in your home.

Your Nookwalls Room Divider & Interior Partition System is custom fit to your room's height and width. Your system will be full height from floor to ceiling. The length can be whatever you want, even wall to wall.


They are setup quickly without tools or hardware and there will be no damage or marks left on your floors, walls, or ceilings.


They are held in place at the floor and ceiling by lightweight metal compression poles.


The system is sectional allowing you to add, remove, or adjust wall sections to get the layout you want. We will work with you to custom build your room divider into any configuration you need.


You can move and adjust the system before, during, or after setup. When finished, the system reduces in size for easy storage.


Plus, the fabric panels are machine washable for easy cleaning.​

Get many of the benefits of typically constructed hard walls inexpensively and quickly.

Nookwalls are a great option for anyone seeking 

Temporary Walls, Portable Partitions, Room Dividers, or Shoji Screens.

Add a room in a studio apartment, create privacy in a dorm room, make a private nook or alcove, create a play area or reading area, make privacy for a home office, block a desk from view, allow two children to share a room, give privacy to a couple with a child, or test location of hard constructed walls before having to build them.

Nookwalls are proudly made in the USA.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Contact Us to Select Yours


  • Full height floor to ceiling

  • Delivered in a small package to your door

  • Quick DIY setup without tools

  • No damage to floors, walls, or ceilings

  • No construction crews in your home

  • Modular, extendable, and adjustable

  • Move easily during or after setup

  • Reduce in size and stow away

  • Machine washable

  • Get many of the benefits of hard walls built of studs and drywall inexpensively and quickly

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