The Fabric Panel will be custom made to fit your ceiling 7'0" to 9'-0" high. We will contact you to confirm your ceiling height before making. (Ceiling height does not affect price)



3 Poles

1 Fabric Panel

6 C-Clamps per pole for holding fabric panel to pole

Additional poles are available for $50. Create angled and cornered layouts. Note some of the photos where the wall is angled or has a a corner, have an additional pole.


Nookwalls Partition Wall is designed to work with hard, firm ceilings such as drywall, plaster, wood, etc. If you have lay-in tile ceilings such as typically found in offices, please contact us before ordering and we can discuss a solution that will work for you.


We can make your Nookwall to any size or layout you need. Contact us to discuss.


Nookwall "Thin" is available in several colors for the fabric. Only white fabric is available via online store. Contact us discuss your special color fabric.

15 Foot Long "Thin" Partition Wall

Select Your Ceiling Height

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