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The Fleece Panel is placed between the poles in 5 Foot spacing intervals and is the overall surface of your wall.



  • 1 @ 5Ft  Wide x 8Ft High rectangular fleece fabric panel.


To reduce the height, fold down at the top. For example if you want your panel to be 7'-6", you can fold it horizontally by 6" at the top.

To reduce in width, roll or drape at either end to reduce width up to 2', so a 5' wide panel can be 3' wide.

The fleece can also be cut with scissors to reduce in size to meet your needs.


Grey fabric is in stock and ships in within 1 week.
For all other colors, allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

Fabric samples are available on the on-line store.

5 Ft Wide x 8 Ft High Fleece Panel (no poles) Build Your Own Custom Nookwall

Fleece Fabric Color