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Nookwall Room Divider is made of strong, lightweight metal poles and fleece fabric. The poles are placed 5 Ft apart and the fleece panels are tightly spanned from pole to pole and held in place with plastic c-clamps.


Be sure to select your existing finished ceiling height. The poles sections are customed sized to fit your existing ceiling height and are shipped in sections of 24" to 30". The pole sections have ends which attach to each other and when assembled will meet your ceiling height.


Set the shape however you want. Add fabric panels and poles to expand.


Nookwall fabric is comfortable, soft, fleece and is available in many colors. The fabric is opaque and you cannot see through so it gives full visual privacy. The soft texture helps to cushion sound and lessen noise in the room. Machine washable in cold water and low dry. 


Only 3/4" thick at the end poles and just the thickness of the fabric panel in the field.


Nookwall is entirely adjustable. You can buy kits that have the poles and fabric you need for your size room or you can make your own system by indivually purchasing the poles and panels.


  • 3 Poles with 6 C-Clamps per pole for holding fabric panel to pole
  • 2 @ 5 Ft Wide x 8 Ft High rectangular fabric panel


The Fleece Panel is placed between the poles in 5 Foot spacing intervals and is the overall surface of your wall.


To reduce the height, fold down at the top.

To reduce in width, roll or drape at either end to reduce width up to 2', so a 5' wide panel can be 3' wide.

The fleece can also be cut with scissors to reduce in size to meet your needs.




Nookwall is designed to work with hard, firm ceilings such as drywall, plaster, wood, etc. If you have lay-in tile ceilings such as typically found in offices, please contact us before ordering and we can discuss a solution that will work for you.


Grey fabric is in stock and ships in within 1 week.
For all other colors, allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

Fabric samples are available on the on-line store.