10 Feet Long x 7'0" to 9'-0" High (Custom Height to Fit Your Ceiling)

Select your ceiling height while ordering. We will contact you to confirm ceiling height before making. Ceiling height does not affect price.


Nookwall "Thick" Room Divider is 4" thick as determined by the size of the blocks at the top and bottom of the poles. The panels provide full visual privacy and excellent adjustability. The panels are fastened to the blocks at the top and bottom of the poles with metal spring clips.


3 Poles (one at end + one at middle + one at end)

4 Rectangular Fabric Panels

2 Fabric End Cap Panels

Weighs 10 to 14 Pounds


Nookwall Room Divider is designed to work with hard, firm ceilings such as drywall, plaster, wood, etc. If you have lay-in tile ceilings such as typically found in offices, please contact us before ordering and we can discuss a solution that will work for you.


This order will be made with standard white fabric.


Nookwall is available in several colors for the fabric. If you are interested in having your Nookwall made with a special color then please contact us prior to ordering and we willl discuss color options.

10 Foot Long "Thick" Room Divider