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Full Height,

Wall to Wall,

Privacy in Minutes

More surface for less money

Nookwall is the most cost effective way to enclose a space.
A 10 Foot wide section costs only $190

From Floor to Ceiling

Nookwall is adjustable to fit your room's height.

Full Coverage

Nookwall gives you room coverage for as wide as you want, even wall to wall.

Add & Extend

Add sections and extend. The layouts you can create with Nookwall are limitless.

Configure As You Wish

Make cornered and angled sections to enclose a space in any way you wish

No Tools, No Hardware, No Mess

Compression poles hold your Nookwall securely in place. When you move, adjust, or take it down, it leaves no holes or marks.

How Will You Use Your Nookwall?

Add a room in an apartment,

Partition off a home office area,

Share a college dorm room,

Make a private nook or alcove,

Create a play area or reading area,

Allow two children to share a room,

Give privacy to a couple with a child,

Build a Room within a Room.

Nookwall is setup DIY by anyone.


Adjustable to any height you want, even floor to ceiling. The length can be whatever you want, even wall to wall.


Enclose a space in any way you wish.

Setup quickly without tools or hardware and there will be no damage or marks left on your floors, walls, or ceilings.


Held in place at the floor and ceiling by strong, lightweight, metal compression poles.


Sectional, allowing you to add, remove, or adjust wall sections to get the layout you want. We will work with you to custom build your system into any configuration you need.


You can move and adjust Nookwall before, during, or after setup. When finished, the system reduces in size for easy storage.


Plus, the fabric panels are machine washable for easy cleaning.​

A great option for anyone seeking 

Temporary Walls, Portable Partitions, Room Dividers, or Shoji Screens.

Nookwall is proudly made in the USA.

Color Choices

White is in stock, is available on our on-line store, and ships in within 1 week.

For other colors, contact us to order, add $30, and allow 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

Nookwall is designed to work with hard, firm ceilings such as drywall, plaster, wood, etc.
If you have lay-in tile ceilings such as typically found in offices, please contact us before ordering and we can discuss a solution that will work for you.

Plan Your Nookwall and Select Your Parts

Capture 2.JPG

Sample 10 Ft x 10 Ft Nookwall enclosure which is placed against an existing wall. 

Side A has a 5 Ft Panel, a 2.5 Ft walkthrough opening, and a 2.5 Ft Panel.

Side B has a 10 Ft Panel.

Side C has 2 at 5 Ft Panels.

A common corner can share the same pole.

Buy Your Nookwall Parts Here

Need Some Help Selecting Your Nookwall Parts or
Not Sure What to Buy... 

Contact us by phone, email, or contact form.

We will discuss your desired layout, existing space, size, color, etc.

We will produce a drawing of your Nookwall in your space for you to review and provide you with a price for your system. 

When you are ready to proceed, we will make your Nookwall especially for you.